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Forgive me Holy Father for I have sinned… and in these hard times of peril and deceit who amongst us can deny that they are free from carnal taint? Embrace Faith, and join the congregation of her most supreme holiness Pope Kerryx Benedictus Faith the first. Find comfort and redemption within the welcoming arms of ‘Faith’, immerse yourself in the sanctity and ritual of a very special Kerryx sacrament.  Sometimes in life we all just need to “Touch Faith”. Join the cult of Kerryx, and be converted as a beloved member of her flock.

Sacralicious Neo Burlesque Ceremony


Most of us know Stephen King's story of poor Carrie. But what if it didn't have to end that way…  Highschool, puberty, popularity the endless cycle of comparing and being compared to.  Carrie had a tough time being everything everyone wanted her to be.  But what if she didn’t give a fuck what they thought?  The world was her oyster if she had only realised.  Sometimes we just have to throw expectations, and fitting in to the wind.
Fuck the world, be you, do what you want.

Neo Doom Horror Burlesque Noir 


Embark on a rip snorting Steampunk escapade, and experience an exciting tale of deceit, intrigue and most splendid trousers with our hero of the day, Lord Trouser! Featuring popular burlesque noir goddess Kerryx, “Fighting Trousers” depicts an exotic adventure encompassing everything a spiffing good yarn should! Mystery, drama, conflict, a few choice ditties and a well waxed moustache thrown in for good measure ensure a pearler of a tale, fit for any fine gent (or lass). So I say, sit back, pour yourself a nice hot cuppa and enjoy a jolly good show!

Neo Burlesque Steampunk Adventure


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Eve... fabled to be mankind's first great seductress, her charms too intoxicating to resist... 
Return to innocence with Kerryx as she dances the tale of the original sin, and savour the divine ecstasy as she teases and seduces, drawing you into a deliciously naughty darkness...  Some have labelled Eve as the first great sorceress, making carnal bargains to obtain forbidden knowledge: Opening our eyes, and our consciousness - and beginning man's life long obsession and weakness for the female form.
Indulge your senses, and lose yourself in sweet and wicked sin... Take the apple, and savour the sweet juice of saccharine lust made flesh. 

Classic Burlesque Noir Fan Dance


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See Kerryx as she hides her face behind a veil… Lust, pain, pleasure, desire… all these concepts are fluid and open to interpretation… What one person finds abhorrent and painful, might fill another with pleasure and sweet cathartic bliss. In this performance come on a dark journey as Kerryx explores the realms of pain and pleasure combined in a compelling and sensual dance of self-flagellation. Watch as supple, pliant skin heats up and flushes under the kiss of pain. Lose yourself in the fantasy of flesh, abandon and carnality. This story will keep you guessing… what it is that the veil hides… Indulgence? Hedonism? Agony? Anguish? Where does one draw the line?


Erotic/Fetish Neo Burlesque Art


Come and acquaint yourselves with Kerryx in ‘Jewel of the Orient’. This exotic princess of exquisiteness is rumoured to be a sacred dance priestess of the ancient and forgotten goddess of love and seduction. Be enthralled while she weaves her spell of enrapturing desire in her mysterious dance inspired by the exotic Far East.

There is no doubt that this lady is a Vamp! Come - explore; take a journey into the sweet and forbidden night-side of a magical and foreign realm. Experience the oh so seductive allure of the distant lands of the east, and see a bona fide, through and through Vamp weave her magic!

20’s Oriental with Burlesque Noir Twist


Our Favourite moustached hero Lord Trouser returns!  Join him as he undertakes another spiffy and daring adventure. Determined to have some much needed respite from his hectic social schedule and a damn good cuppa, Lord Trouser’s plans are foiled by the appearance of the saucy deamon El Diablo!  Things are going to get hot and steamy just like the pits of hell; but with a whole lot more Trousers, well groomed facial hair and mesmerising eyebrows!
Will you meet Lord Trouser at a crossroads on the hour of midnight?  You never know what deals you might strike up!

Neo Burlesque Noir Esoteric Erotica


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Based on Wes Craven's iconic Voodoo Horror film, with hints of occult voodoo ritual, mesmerising hypnotic trance dance, and horrific incantations. Kerryx offers a rich, raw and archaic take on the often cheesy and historically inaccurate Voodoo Priestess act.  Expect to be unsettled, uncomfortable, but yet very much aroused as this Haitian Priestess offers her rites to unknown and infernal gods.  Featuring prosthetics created specifically for the act by Melbourne's own Queen of Horror, Isabel Peppard, and her usual offering of exquisitely detailed costume, meticulous makeup, and charged ritualistic dance, Kerryx will be sure to cast a powerful hex upon your mind and soul that will not be easily shaken.

Voodoo Ritual Esoteric Burlesque Art


Someone had to do it!!! And here it is! Pennywise the dancing clown!
Cliched? You bet ya! Necessary? Absolutely.   Pack a raincoat and send in the clowns! 
Can you smell the circus, Georgie? There's peanuts... cotton candy... hot dogs... and… popcorn! pop pop pop pop!

Neo Horror Balloon Parody



An alluring tale of beauty, seduction, and lust…  See Kerryx’s new and unique take on the classic tale of Leda and the Swan. This Grecian saga illustrates the beautiful and innocent tale of the virgin damsel Leda and her seduction and subsequent rape by the god Zeus.   This is a delicate and sensual story that will leave you on the edge of your seat with bated breath, and beating heart...
A classic tale of lust, seduction and passion told with Kerryx’s signature blend of light and dark, beauty and sorrow, raw sex and subtle sensuality, deep character and mesmerising dance.

Classic Burlesque Noir Story-Telling Seduction


In early 2017 Kerryx suffered a fire in her studio.  Many of her costume were damaged or lost to the ashes.  These are the acts that were not recoverable.  RIP

"No longer was she merely the dancing-girl who extorts a cry of lust and concupiscence from an old man by the lascivious contortions of her body; who breaks the will, masters the mind of a King by the spectacle of her quivering bosoms, heaving belly and tossing thighs; she was now revealed in a sense as the symbolic incarnation of world-old Vice, the goddess of immortal Hysteria, the Curse of Beauty supreme above all other beauties by the cataleptic spasm that stirs her flesh and steels her muscles, - a monstrous Beast of the Apocalypse, indifferent, irresponsible, insensible, poisoning" - Huysmans À rebours - Toni Bentley (2002) Sisters of Salome: 24

Burlesque Bellydance Noir


Kerryx tribute routine to J-Horror, influenced by Japanese cult film classics such as Ringu, Ju-On, Three Extremes, and other popular Nippon cultural shock horror icons such as Dir En Grey.  Not for the faint of heart…

Halloween Tribute to Japanese Horror


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A Fetish inspired homage to the beloved and confronting television icon American Horror Story.  This tribute encapsulates a foreboding sense of dread, suspense, twisted and nightmarish reality and good old fashioned horror with a hard fetish edge reminiscent of series 1’s spooky rubber man.  Kerryx embodies classic minimalist cult horror with her sensual and serpentine hips, haunting soundtrack, and signature noir elements. 

Horror/Halloween Tribute


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One Part Tim Burton-esque mad scientist, two parts cabaret bomb shell sex kitten, and a good dash of the top secret component.... Ingredient X!

Join Kerryx as she concocts a fun, captivating and very sexy burlesque spectacular, incorporating everything from test tubes and potions, through to tassels and martinis. Be entranced as she mixes up elements of classic burlesque with a hint of black comedy, theatrical madness, and a whole lot of red hot frivolity to create the perfect cocktail begging to be consumed by you, her beloved and hungry audience...


Classic Neo Burlesque Noir



NeoBurlesque masquerade a la’ macabre Obscura


Allow Kerryx to introduce you to the beak doctor... The Medico Della Peste... Denizens of an age where death and suffering was a day to day companion, the Plague doctor was the creepy and surreal visage of the only human-being willing to offer relief and assistance to those worse affected by the horror of the Black Death. Take Kerryx's hand as she re-enacts the dance of death, taking you on a journey through a time where the threat of death and horrific pain was high on the minds of both young and old, rich and poor alike. Forget your suffering, and lose yourself in La Danse Macabre, your final rite...


Acts in retirement

Der Mitternachtstanz
Willkommenen! Join Kerryx as she takes a trip back to 1920’s Weimar Berlin… A lone flapper damsel enters the stage, lights up a cigarette, places the pin onto a favourite record and loses herself to the music, dance and character of an iconic period in creative history. But the Weimar period, like all things in life must come to an end. Here enters our Nazi villain. Drawn to our heroine like a moth to a flame this antihero desires to join the midnight dance… Der Mitternachtstanz. But his mind is set on a different kind of dance…

Travel with Kerryx as she explores the power struggle between a Weimar dancer, and Nazi sergeant bent on destruction and depravity. Join Der Mitternachtstanz…

Dark Neo Duet.  The Midnight Dance

in retirement

"While listening we were treated to a burlesque dancer, who after a slow seductive striptease, took off her furry conical brazier and surprised us with plasma balls. Yes, plasma balls. They were very strategically placed and I must say, I don't think one has lived until you've touched the electric balls on a burlesque dancer’s breasts, and watched the lightning dance under your finger tips, I am putting it on my bucket list." (taken from
Performed live with Melboure Death Cabaret Band ‘Rouge Fonce’

Electrifying  Cabaret Burlesque Noir

in retirement

Hellloooooooo Nurse! Come on a journey, as Kerryx performes her own unique take on the classic Vaudeville concept of Hello Nurse. Explore a world where the classic and alluring pin-up nurse seduces and entices, drawing you into a twisted world where medical professionals can warp from care-givers into maschocistic pain bearers. Society has long been fascinated and tittilated by the images of a buxom nurse, yet equally entranced by the concept of this duty of care being led astray by twisted minds. Half Vargas style pin up, half B Grade horror film villaness, all Kerryx!

Join her... If you dare! Just be sure to chant Hello Nurse! When she walks your way....

Neo Burlesque Check Up

in retirement

Take a step back in time, and lose yourself in the glamour and seduction of the classic fan dance, Kerryx style.

Be entranced by her film noir air, classic silver screen looks, and curves to die for! Be enraptured as she teases, tantalises and titillates with the flick of a jet black feather, a shake of her glorious golden tresses, and a pout from luscious red lips... This dame knows how to work it, and has only one thing on her mind...

Be Kerryx's for a night. Allow her to weave her veil of seduction about your senses and get lost in her stormy blue eyes, and the mesmerising movement of her bodacious hips... This is one bird of paradise not to be missed!

Neo Burlesque Fan Dance

in retirement

Stella Erans - Wandering Star....  A serene, and alluring Kerryx style Belly dance/Burlesque Fusion.

Burlesque/Bellydance Fusion

in retirement

Kerryx is an accomplished and experienced Bellydancer with 10+ years training and performing under her coin belt.
Contact her for customised and unique performances to suit your event or function.
 Her repertoire comprises of a wide range of styles, and varied color professional grade costumes.
Act available late 2017

Classic Noir erotica


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