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Kerryx (Ke-ree-x)
Noun, Artist/Performer

1. The Damsel of Debauchery, Siren of Sensuality and/or Darling of Darkness.

2. A vision of excess.

3. Australian Sensualist Noir artist based in Melbourne, Victoria; a provocative performer providing the most intimate of audience experiences. 

The Burlesque Sensualist, Kerryx weaves an enchanting web with her unique blend of exotic belly-dance and dramatically ritualistic performance art. With over seven years on stage and performances from the grand ballrooms of Melbourne to the dust bowl of Betoota she has the experience and wisdom of a recognised Priestess weaving sensual spells over her enthralled audience. Notably, as a prized jewel she has headlined performances with The Burlesque Underground, TranscenDance Belly Dance Festival, Steam Up, Night of the Stripping Dead, and Melbourne Hellfire Club to name only a few. 


As a powerful advocate for the transformational power of self-love through dance and self expression, a highlight of her career was being selected from hundreds of Australia’s top Burlesque artists to perform and present at a unique retreat to support and inspire women from isolated rural communities in central Australia, alongside world renown Sex Therapist Dr Rosie King. 


Asides from a plethora of guest spots in Burlesque Festivals, Fetish events, Tattoo expos, and corporate events, her ongoing projects include metal mediation class “Deep Noir”, and as co-producer of BEAST, the dark fairytale for adults. Through BEAST Kerryx explores beauty, society’s perception of it, and the nature of the Beast in woman – both good and bad. 


Like the Pagan Goddesses of old Kerryx is an obscure and unique creature; and one every audience will delight in as they watch her unfold before their eyes. 

Come to the altar…. 

It’s time to worship


“We had the pleasure of feasting our voracious eyes upon the curvaceous Kerryx. Presenting her act ‘Jennifer’s Veil’, we were all swept up in the rhythm of the music and the hypnotic movements of the Mistress of Burlesque Noir. This act involved self-flagellation with a hair brush, paddle and flogger, creating a masochistic ritual which seen her body marked in a sensual and sacred way. It were as if the audience was witnessing a highly intimate ceremony.” – Afflatus Magazine


“When I saw Kerry’s bottom it made me believe in god…and the devil.” Damian Twomey – Strumpet Salon


“ Kerryx is a revalation to the audience, a beautiful work of art that they can peel away a layer at a time, gleefully uncovering the goddess that lies beneath. Living art, she leaves the audience with the exhilarating feeling that they have seen and touched something magical.” 

– Natalie Ristovska The Burlesque Underground, Cirques Des Femmes, Bohemia Cabaret Club

Kerryx Promo Teaser

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