Kerryx is a many facetted gem.  Performer, Artist, Occult Practitioner, Priestess, Teacher, Muse and Actress are a few of her many faces. As such has graced not only stages, catwalks, temples and photography studios; She has also been featured in other forms of media such as magazine and film.

If you want to get to know more about the woman behind Kerryx, this is your oportunity, but beware, she is not for the faint of heart, nor the easily offended.....

Below are links to some of her features and cameos...

ONE•STAR magazine is a free online independent magazine celebrating creative people inspiring a conscious humanity.  Designed by Graphic Goddess Annette Eustace, it features an interview with Kerryx, amongst some other inspiring individuals.

Delve into Kerryx's darkness.... Click the link to read her Interview.

In 2019 Kerryx was featured in Numero Studios' unique series '30 Women & Their Stories' ; A beautiful homage to 30 diverse and inspiring women from Melbourne and their tales.

For a glimpse into the psyche of Kerryx.... Click the link to read her Interview.

'Vampires Prefer Black' is a gore-comedy feature by The Vampi Show.  This episode features the series main goddess and creator Skye Medusa, and has a saucy little cameo from Noir Seductress Kerryx.

For a bloody good giggle... Click the link to watch Vampires Prefer Black.


Oceanlord are a Melbourne band playing a unique mix of psych, doom and stoner they have dubbed ‘Stoner Gloom Rock.’ 

Check them out at

'Come Home' is the first film clip released by Oceanlord, featuring Kerryx as the 'ghoul bride' alongside the band in this enchanting, classic horror-inspired clip .

For a dark vision of death and sorrow... Click the link to watch 'Come Home'

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